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Post update a lot of people have been asking about the route i took here it isthis is a very approximate version of it youll notice that it only account for 294 km of my walk so wheres the other 4724 kmin this map i do not account for 53 km beginning of the walk that was from my house to the beach i also had to walk home 8 hours into the challenge because my watch was on the all exercise requires healthy real food for the body and brain and one without the other doesnt work avoid all industrialized fats made from seeds or plants they are harmful because of too much omega 6 in our diets use extra virgin olive oil because its full of beneficial omega 3s and protective to heart and brainof course the strongest people i knew when i was 10 were all farmers they didnt even weight train of course weight training will speed up the process and you can do less of it for a similar result ie you dont have to spend 14 hours a daq at the beginning of the year i decided to clean up my diet and make better food choices i cut out a lot of the processed food sugary drinks salty snacks and started incorporating more grains fruits and vegetablesgood health habits to stay healthy explains every aspect of disease to grow making the body function properly and preventing disease is very importantwe all know how balancing the health and fitness can lead to greater human performance and provide more energy in all aspects of life

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